Computer Repair and Preventive Care for Apple, Linux and Windows OS

"we will make your computer feel better"

Computer Doctor Consulting Services

Data Recovery, Networking, Virus removal, water damaged laptops and desktop, we remove the moisture from the computer.  We do not clean logic boards, or mother boards.  Cleaning a board is a much more expensive service then to dry a computer.  

Computer Doctor does not replace laptop screens, or iphone or ipad screens.  There are many companies that do screen work in the Davis area.  

  Computer Doctor does all upgrades to os or ios, downgrade os, manage i cloud, google drive, google photos, apple photos, application assistance, quick books, file maker, quicken, word, excel, power point, hard drive upgrade and replacement, clone hard drives, time machine recovery and clone.  

We Install any os for $55, this is the cost of installing and updating OS,  there is no cost for the OS, just the cost of installing.  We install Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 98, 95 and 3.1. 

Apple 10.15, Catalina, 10.14, Mojave, 10.13, High Sierra, 10.12, Sierra, 10.11, El Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9, Mavericks,  10.8,  Mountain Lion, 10.7, Lion,  10.6, Snow Leopard,  10.5, Leopard,  10.4, Tiger 10.3, Panther, 10.2, Jaguar, 10. 1, Puma, 10. 0 Cheetah,  9.2..  

Linux Ubuntu, Mint, Arch, Deepin, Fedora, Debian or Open SUSE.   

We build gaming machines, we build office machines, 

Repair all os, windows and apple and chrome books and linux.

Serving Davis, Dixon, Woodland, Winters, West Sacramento.   In addition we will travel to Vacaville, Fairfield, Sacramento and other areas in Northern California.  

We also run Davis Video Services,   that does on site video work, at discounted cost, and we transfer 8 mm, 16 mm,  vhs, super 8, hi 8, records, most forms of tapes or film to digital or dvd, cd.  please visit for more info.  



Urgent Care Computer Repair


Computer Doctor provides data recover, virus removal, networking, email connection resolutions, repair operating systems, both PC and Apple, and Linux

House Call, Site Visit  $95 per hour no minimum based on time at site. 

Remote Services, $95 per hour no minimum.

shop costs, drop off at shop.

Virus Removal $45 - $55

OS install windows or apple or linux $55

Data Recovery under 10 g

$45  over 10 g $80

Removal of moisture from laptop/

desktop $45 basic diagnosis if client

does not want to repair $25

Managed Care computer repair


Managed Care is Preventive Computer Services, to assure that everything is working correctly, and avoid system being down.  By solving issues before they become a problem.  The service is billed on a monthly basis, for monthly service.  

All computer operating systems,  Windows, Apple,or Linux.

 Includes on site visit per month, to update system, remove virus, determine hardware stability,  and verify back up is working and functioning correctly.  Test hard drive, computer software and other hardware.  Speed up computer functioning, performance.